Meet Dreadnoughtus — the largest dinosaur ever found 

On Thursday, Nature published the results of a years-long excavation in Argentina, which may have unveiled the largest and heaviest dinosaur to ever walk on earth. Named Dreadnoughtus schrani – after the early 20th-century battleship — the dinosaur is estimated to have lived 77 million years ago.

According to calculations, Dreadnoughtus weighed around 65 tons and measured 85 feet long. If you want to get a sense of how ridiculously huge that is, that’s heavier than an adult sperm whale or an entire herd of African elephants — and seven times the weight of a Tyrannosaurus rex, which is frankly unimpressive in comparison.

Why is it called Dreadnoughtus? 

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There’s this part of me screaming—maybe I should just leave everything behind and just camp away. Drive away to Colorado. Get lost in the woods. I want to constantly be living close to the ground and not having to know what time it is based on my watch but rather based on where the sun is in the sky. I miss it. I miss the clean air. I miss the smell of the pine trees lingering. I miss knowing that I’m far away from people. 

I want to live far from everyone.

I want to exist somewhere else. 

The city is decaying.